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Special Wedding Mementos: Videos

Wedding videos are a great wedding memento and keepsake because they capture all the action exactly as it happens. For most people, weddings are a once-in-a-lifetime event that is truly special and important. With all of your friends and family present to witness the event, you want to remember it as well as possible, not forgetting any little detail or action. However, as the years go on, memories fade--even the best ones--and it is hard to remember everything exactly as it happened. Plus, it can be nice to travel back in time and revisit that special event to renew all those initial feelings and emotions. Wedding videos can help achieve this purpose.

Wedding Videos: An Important Keepsake

Wedding videos capture the magic and action of a wedding exactly as it happens. Nearly all wedding videos contain footage of the ceremony, including the bridal procession, the vows, the lighting of the candles, etc. However, wedding videos can also be more inclusive and capture all the smaller special moments that contribute to the overall day. Wedding videos can film pre-ceremony events, rehearsal dinners, receptions, and anything else the bride and groom would like. Although it might seem insignificant to video some of these things, years later the footage could bring back special memories.

There are a few ways to create wedding videos. For those people who are on a budget, a simple video camera can be rented or borrowed and someone who is not a video professional can tape the day's events. Although this will still capture everything and even have the special feel of a homemade movie, it is more difficult for a non-professional to get good footage, angles, lighting and etc. As a result, the video will not be as high quality as it could be otherwise. In some cases, it is possible for someone to tape the events of a wedding and then hand the footage over to a professional video editor to turn all the bits and pieces into a finished product. However, it is important to remember that whoever does the filming will not be able to participate fully in the events of the wedding because they will constantly be filming and looking for video-worthy moments.

Another option for wedding videos that is completely stress-free for everyone involved in the wedding is to hire a professional wedding videographer. Professional wedding videographers have the experience and knowledge needed to create exceptionally well done videos that capture the mood and events of the day. They know the best angles, lighting, shots, etc. and know which moments are most important and what people want to see and remember later. Although this option can be slightly more costly, professional wedding videographers do not always have to be expensive. In many cases, it is possible to find freelance videographers who are somewhat amateur but who still have considerable knowledge and expertise.

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