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Video Brings New Dimension to Journals

Creating video journals is a unique concept that is growing in popularity with some segments of the American population. Journals have always been touted as an effective means of self-evaluation and reflection and a good way to organize thoughts and release pent up emotions or worries. Journals help people learn to express themselves better, develop their writing skills, and become better observers and participants in the world around them. Video journals operate in much the same way, but they often have slightly different purposes and incorporate a visual element that is not part of traditional paper journals.

Video Journals as Visual Reflection

Video journals can really be a great way to preserve moments, thoughts, and activities. Video journals, like any other journal, can be used for almost anything. When most people think of journals, they tend to imagine the kind where people write down their thoughts and personal reflections for their own cathartic release and self-evaluation. However, there are other kinds of journals, as well. Scientists, doctors, writers, and other professionals will often keep journals as records of what they have done or are currently doing. The journals may describe, evaluate, question, persuade, etc. Sometimes they are used only for the creator's purposes, while at other times they are used to present information to someone else.

In many ways, video journals are easier to create than written journals because people tend to have more mental blocks when it comes to writing than they do about talking or expressing themselves in other ways. However, what is more difficult about video journals is having the proper equipment and setup to properly record the information that will be included in the journal. When dealing with subjects like medical procedures, experiments, etc., the purpose of the journals tend to be primarily instructional. However, many people are now choosing to create video journals to authentically communicate with friends and family in a visual way. For example, it is now common for people to make video journals during their lifetime that will be shown after they are dead. In this way, these journals are like personalized, posthumous messages.

Because of the growing popularity of video journals, there are now companies that will help people make their own. They will provide the equipment and even someone to do the actual taping. Although this is not as necessary for simple journals where people describe their thoughts and reflections on tape, it can be very helpful for journals that deal with medical procedures, experiments or other specialized topics.

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