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Graduation Keepsakes and Videos

Graduation videos are a popular keepsake of many graduations because families and friends want to remember the important occasion for years to come. Graduations now occur at many different points in a lifetime. There are preschool graduations, elementary graduations, middle and high school graduations, and college graduations. Although some are more important and significant than others, all are important commemorations of hard work, growth, and development, and each one is an important milestone in the graduate's life. Graduation videos can record every aspect of the event exactly as it happens so that nothing is forgotten, missed or ignored.

How to Get Graduation Videos

In addition to being a great way for people to remember an event, graduation videos can be good for people who cannot attend the ceremony due to physical restrictions or limited seating. If the videos are well-done, the viewers will be able to hear the sounds, speaking and music and see all the action just as if they were there when it happened. In fact, due to zoom functions on camcorders, in some cases it may be easier to see what happens on a taped version that if you were actually at the graduation.

There are a few different options for obtaining graduation videos. One common way that is growing in popularity is to purchase professionally done, school-sponsored graduation tapes. Many schools are now offering these tapes as mementos of the ceremony for reasonable prices. Another option for graduation videos is to make your own. Although filming the ceremony yourself can sometimes be stressful and distracting, it can have certain advantages. When you make your own tape, you can focus in on exactly what interests you--which will more often than not be the actions of your particular graduate. In this way, the video will be more personal and specialized. Self-produced graduation videos are also less costly than professional ones, if you have the recording equipment beforehand.

If you decide to make your own graduation videos, there are some things you should do to ensure that you get the best product possible. Always check your recording equipment before attempting to tape the event to ensure that everything is working properly and that you know how to work all the camera functions. Since you never know when memorable moments might arise, it is also a good idea to make sure that you have plenty of extra tapes. It is recommended that you buy high-quality tapes because the extra cost is often minimal and worth it. These tapes will often have better resolution and last longer.

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